“Beginning with fabricated steel-grid structures, these sculptures create curved, gestural forms reminiscent of calligraphy and musical notation. “Skins” of glass then sheathe the rhythmically repeating elements, similtaneously protecting and exposing the underlying definition. The glass softens and unifies the spiky, linear steel as light is focused through the undulations, throwing both sharp and diffuse shadow patterns. These are only some of the many complimentary dualities arising from the sculptures. The combination of gracefully evolving curves with hard-edge materials evokes an overall form which shifts between the organic and the industrial. This is sculpture which is both romantic and tough.” (R. Moriarty)

My sculpture is multimedia: abstract, and evocative of natural forms. I construct both large public commissions and private works; fabricating the work myself in order to control the entire creative process.

Currently I am creating heavily forged sculptures utilizing small steel curvilinear trusses intertwined and knotted in endless loops, which create gestural or calligraphic organisms.

The metal and glass series started when I decided to allow the interior structure to remain visible. I melt sheets of glass over, under, and around steel structures; which I roll, bend, weld and grind. Large forms are constructed of bolted sections which fit individually in the kiln. I design the units to be placed individually or compose them in groups.

The immediacy of monoprinting contrasts with the sustained effort that the sculptures require. I love developing ideas by working on these prints, which are a major part of my two-dimensional artistic output.

The commissions have often been designed for a specific location. I work closely with architects and engineers in order to address a site’s needs.

Cable-Crossing (1997), a permanent artwork in the M.T.A.’s Brooklyn Bridge / City Hall subway station, (NYC), employed taut overlapping cables in massive steel frames to create bridgelike forms. Taking Shape (1990), located inside the Grand Army Plaza Arch, (Brooklyn), orchestrated large- scale constructions of glass and steel; encouraging interaction with the work from all angles. Shelter’s shade-fabric-sheathed ribs created inviting shade-spaces in the Center for Fine Art Courtyard, (Miami, 1993).

I recently completed several more permanent monumental sculpture commissions in spectacular New York City locations, fabricated at my newly completed upstate studio, which was designed by Tom Winter and Associates, Architects.

Three curvilinear welded and galvanized pipe Serpentine Structures stand directly alongside the Hudson River in the Hudson River Park ‘s Tribeca Segment. (2008) The largest unit in this estuary inspired grouping, Twister, measures 15’ 6” x 27’ 6” x 18’ .

For the end of a newly built pier extending into the East River at North Fifth Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, I designed and built the ensemble Crescendo (2008) of stainless steel pipe and mesh, which was commissioned by RD Management and deeded to New York City. The overhead arch ( 16' x 26' x 22') casts interlocking shadows on the bench section below.

My work can be found in many collections, and has been shown in this country and abroad. Many of the illustrated works are available.